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President, Treasurer - Ed Basmajian

Vice President & Road Commissioner - Ann Pollack

Secretary - Rob Hofmann

Beach Commissioner - Peter Moran

Environmental Affairs - Elyse Moscot




Our great tasting water meets or exceeds all Federal and State regulations.  You can contact Liberty Water should you have any questions related to our water or water system.  Water is tested professionally on a frequent basis to ensure its safety.  Ground water from the Lloyd Aquifer is pumped from two wells to the water tank located on Hilltop Road and distributed to the homes of the community.
Liberty Water - (877) 426-6999
We encourage water conservation.  Please water your lawn and not the street.


The Association maintains its own roads.  Contact Gabi Fleschner, Project Manager to discuss all road-related issues and to receive permission to cut into or modify the roads in any way.  Homeowners are responsible for maintaining the unpaved area between the road and their property line.
Please observe the 20 MPH speed limit and keep our children, pets and walkers safe.
The Association provides excellent snow and ice removal during the winter.  Each homeowner shares in the annual cost of snow removal.  You can help reduce the cost by keeping the streets clear.  Please do not throw snow from your driveway into the street.
Parking on any road within the Incorporated Village of Mill Neck is prohibited and strictly enforced by the Brookville Police Department.
During the summer, maintain your trees, plants and shrubs.  Cut small tree saplings and prune all plantings back at least one foot from the side edge of the road.  Tree canopies hanging over the road should be at least 10 feet above the road surface to prevent scratching vehicles.  Decorative rocks should be far enough from the surface to prevent damage to vehicles.
During the fall, do not rake or blow leaves onto the road as wet leaves crate a slipping hazard.

The Association owns and maintains Mill Neck Creek beach-front.
The best time to swim is two hours on either side of high tide.  A tide schedule is available at Oyster Bay Town Hall, your local newspaper or the Internet.
As a homeowner in Mill Neck Estates, if you have a boat, you may apply for a mooring permit at the Oyster Bay Town Hall.  Please be considerate to your neighbors when placing your mooring in Mill Neck Creek.
Our beach is under the jurisdiction of the Nassau County Department of Health.  Please obey any periodic postings relating to swimming and water pollution.  These postings are directed by the Board of Health after heavy rainfalls.
Keep our beach-front clean by taking all garbage and refuse with you.  There are no receptacles on the beach.
There is no parking on the beach.  No vehicles are permitted on the beach at any time.

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